The story so far

The Honest Miller is sadly currently closed. In recent years, several people have attempted to make the pub viable, but these efforts have unfortunately failed despite a lot of hard work and enthusiasm.  

We believe we have the right experience, vision and team to create a successful future for the Honest Millerrestoring the much-loved pub as a thriving venture at the heart of Brook.

Existing site

Who are we and why did we buy the Honest Miller and surrounding land? 

Simon Westwell and Pat Heathcote are business partners having met at college in the early 1980s. Both have considerable experience in the property world. Simon has invested and developed multiple mixed use sites and owned hotels/pubs/offices/shops/industrial space and homes over many years. Pahas been agent, acquisition and developer of hotels and pubs for over 30 years with specialist knowledge and expertise in delivering pubs and restaurants. 

Knowing the area well with good friends locally, the Honest Miller looked a strong prospect for re-positioning in its market after years of poor trading and lacking of proper investment. 

We have maintained the grounds and gardens throughout our ownership and have maintained the security measures, with frequent visits to check on the site. We have prevented any squatters or other parties entering or creating any issues on the site and we have not proceeded with implementing  the ‘glamping’ use of the paddock for which planning permission already exists.


Early ideas and thoughts 

Our intention was always to invest in the Honest Miller and re-open the business once we had appropriate permissions, funding the right vision to ensure the rural enterprise of the pub would be a sustainable and viable one. 

We looked initially at an ambitious residential scheme of well-designed homes wrapping around the pub and coach house; initial meetings were held with representatives from the village of Brook and we received mixed feedback to these plans.

Work in progress 

The vision now with strong supporting advice, following newly appointed specialist consultants is that the most important factor to consider is the two Listed Buildings (the pub and coach house) and how we restore and protect these culturally and historically rich heritage assets in perpetuity.  

We are therefore proposing a scheme that will deliver a rejuvenated, viable pub business and a small number of high quality family houses, while protecting the historic buildings and respecting the character of the local area. 

We cannot and do not want our buildings to fall into decay, as we appreciate their local and national significance.

The Honest Miller has seen and undergone many changes since first it was built in 1609, but its historic atmosphere remains unchanged. We intend to respect the building and ensure that once again it is open and serving the village. We hope to see you all at our newly renovated pub in the near future. 


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